1973 New Brunswick electoral redistribution

The 1973 New Brunswick electoral redistribution was the most radical redistribution of electoral districts in the history of New Brunswick, Canada. Under this redistribution, New Brunswick changed from a mixture of multi-member districts and single-member districts to a scheme of only single-member districts, from bloc voting electoral system to first past the post.

As the number of members per district had been re-evaluated as recently as 1967, the number of members was not changed, and multi-member districts were simply subdivided to form single-member districts.

Prior to the redistribution, New Brunswick had had the longest and deepest experience of multi-member districts of any province in Canada. The Block voting system in use though denied voters the proportional representation that they might otherwise have enjoyed.[1]

Transition of districtsEdit

Former electoral district New electoral districts
Albert Albert; Riverview
Bathurst unchanged
Campbellton unchanged
Carleton Carleton Centre; Carleton North; Carleton South
Charlotte Charlotte Centre; Charlotte-Fundy; Charlotte West; St. Stephen-Milltown
Edmundston unchanged
Fredericton Fredericton North; Fredericton South
Gloucester Caraquet; Nepisiguit-Chaleur; Nigadoo-Chaleur; Shippagan-les-Îles; Tracadie
Kent Kent Centre; Kent North; Kent South
Kings Kings Centre; Kings East; Kings West
Madawaska Madawaska Centre; Madawaska-les-Lacs; Madawaska South
Moncton Moncton East; Moncton North; Moncton West
Northumberland Bay du Vin; Chatham; Miramichi Bay; Miramichi-Newcastle; Southwest Miramichi
Queens Queens North; Queens South
Restigouche Dalhousie; Restigouche East; Restigouche West
Saint John Centre Saint John Harbour; Saint John North; Saint John Park; Saint John South
Saint John East East Saint John; Saint John-Fundy
Saint John West unchanged
Sunbury Oromocto; Sunbury
Victoria Grand Falls; Victoria-Tobique
Westmorland Memramcook; Petitcodiac; Shediac; Tantramar
York York North; York South

List of electoral districtsEdit

(each district returns one member)

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