Neeyat (film)

Neeyat (transl. Intention) is a 1980 Indian Hindi-language romantic action film, produced by Pradeep Sharma and Manoj Kaytee under the Screen Idol Productions banner and directed by Anil Ganguly. It stars Shashi Kapoor, Jeetendra, Rakesh Roshan, Rekha and music composed by Kalyanji Anandji.[2][3][4][5][6]

Neeyat (film).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAnil Ganguly
Written byMadan Joshi (dialogues)
Gulshan Bawra (lyrics)
Screenplay byRanjan Bose
Story byK.A. Narayan
Produced byPradeep Sharma
Manoj Kaytee
StarringShashi Kapoor
Rakesh Roshan
CinematographyDilip R Mukherjee
Edited byMuthar Ahmed
Music byKalyanji-Anandji
Screen Idol Productions[1]
Release date
  • 5 September 1980 (1980-09-05)
Running time
146 minutes


Vijay (Shashi Kapoor), Jeet (Jeetendra) and Ajay (Rakesh Roshan) are three close friends. Jeet is the son of a rich industrialist Mohanlal Saxena (Pinchoo Kapoor) and is a spoilt boy. Vijay is the brother of a journalist / editor Arvind (Shreeram Lagoo). Jeet is very close to Vijay's family, especially to his sister-in-law (Gita Siddharth). Coincidentally, all of them love the same girl, Rekha (Rekha) at different moments, but Rekha reciprocates only Vijay's love and they both decide to get married. However, Rekha's father (A. K. Hangal), being burdened by an old obligation to Seth Mohanlal, promises Rekha in marriage to Jeet. Seeing this, Vijay and Ajay sideline themselves suppressing their feelings for Rekha. Meanwhile, Mohanlal is not happy with Jeet and Vijay's friendship, so he ensures that Jeet finds out about the love affair between Vijay and Rekha, creating a rift in their friendship. Jeet accuses Vijay of backstabbing him and also breaks his engagement with Rekha.

Now comes another twist in this tale of three friends, Mohanlal Saxena is revealed to be a big-time smuggler who is being investigated by Vijay's brother Arvind, who collects proof against his smuggling activities. Mohanlal kills Arvind with the help of his henchmen Ranjeet (Ranjeet). Inspector Ajay is not able to help Vijay get justice by arresting Mohanlal or Ranjeet due to lack of evidence. On top of that, Ranjeet murders a woman, Mona (Bindu) and implicates Vijay in the murder case. Vijay manages to escape from the Police and begins to hunt for his brother's murderer. Ajay as a police officer is duty-bound to pursue Vijay to arrest him.

Finally, Jeet gets suspicious of his father and makes his own investigations. Finally, the truth is revealed to all the three friends and Jeet sacrifices his life to protect Vijay in the climax.



Song Singer
"Tune Apni Jaan Dekar" Kishore Kumar
"Pyar Karna Nahin Aaya" Kishore Kumar
"Hum Teenon Ki Woh Yaari To Lakhon Pe Hai Bhaari, Jaan Le Duniya Yeh Saari" Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Nitin Mukesh
"Mere Yaar Yeh Din Ho Mubarak Tujhe" Mohammed Rafi, Amit Kumar
"Tumhe Aise Kaise De Doon" Asha Bhosle
"Pyase Dil Ki Pyas Bujhane" Asha Bhosle


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