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The National War Museum is housed in Edinburgh, and forms part of National Museums Scotland. It is located within Edinburgh Castle, and admission is included in the entry charge for the castle. The National War Museum covers 400 years of Scotland at war from the 17th century through permanent exhibits and special exhibitions.[2]

National War Museum, Edinburgh
National War Museum of Scotland.JPG
Coordinates55°56′56″N 3°12′05″W / 55.948965°N 3.2014781°W / 55.948965; -3.2014781Coordinates: 55°56′56″N 3°12′05″W / 55.948965°N 3.2014781°W / 55.948965; -3.2014781
Visitors798,165 (2018)[1]

It was formerly known as the Scottish United Services Museum,[3] and prior to this, the Scottish Naval and Military Museum.

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