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Nakadori Island

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Coordinates: 32°59′N 129°05′E / 32.983°N 129.083°E / 32.983; 129.083

Nakadōri Island
Location of Nakadōri Island (Nakadōri-jima) in the Gotō Islands
Nakadōri Island is located in Japan
Nakadōri Island
Nakadōri Island
LocationEast China Sea
ArchipelagoGotō Islands

Nakadōri Island[1] (中通島, Nakadōri-jima) is an island in the Gotō Islands, Japanese islands in the East China Sea, off the western coast of Kyūshū. The islands are a part of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan.


The island is roughly the same shape as a left hand held with the thumb and index finger extended. Thus, it is relatively long, narrow, and very mountainous. The roads are quite narrow and very curvy.


The island has been subject to two distinct periods of prosperity. These were the era of active trade with China until the 13th century and a more recent whaling boom that lasted until about fifty years ago[citation needed]. Both of these periods made this small rural area quite famous throughout Japan. The island has many interesting artifacts from both of these periods.

In August 2004, the five towns: Kamigotō, Shin-Uonome, Arikawa, Narao, Wakamatsu merged into a new town, appropriately named Shin-Kamigotō (shin means "new").

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