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My Fair Nanny (Russian TV series)

My Fair Nanny (Russian: Моя прекрасная няня, translit. Moya prekrasnaya nyanya) is a Russian comedy television series based on the American television sitcom, The Nanny.[1]

My Fair Nanny
My Fair Nanny (Russian TV series).jpg
Genre Sitcom
Created by Fran Drescher
Peter Marc Jacobson
Directed by Audrey Kuznetsov
Starring Anastasia Zavorotnyuk
Sergei Zhigunov
Boris Smolkin
Olga Prokofieva
Katia Dubakina
Paul Serdyuk
Irina Andreeva
Lyubov Polishchuk
Alexander Nazarov
Country of origin Russia
Original language(s) Russian
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 173
Producer(s) Alexander Akopov
Running time 22-25 min
Original network STS
Novyi Kanal
Original release September 17, 2004 – February 6, 2009



The plot develops around Viktoria Prutkovskaya, an energetic and extravagant Ukrainian, who is dismissed by her boyfriend Anton. Now working as a cosmetics saleswoman, Viktoria finds herself in a house with Maksim Shatalin, a famous producer, widower, and father of three. Shatalin is going to throw a party for potential investors, and he desperately needs a nanny to look after his children. In desperation, he hires Viktoria, although regrets about his choice.

Masha, Dennis and Ksenia Shatalin, Maksim's children, do not initially have a very friendly attitude to their new nanny, but she quickly changes that. Shatalin's house includes the butler, Constantine, and Chief Financial Officer Janna Arkadyevna Izhevskaya, a clever, know-it-all, and sarcastic minister, who immediately finds things in common new nanny, and they remain friends throughout the series. But the cool, sociopathic Janna from the beginning dislikes Viktoria, being jealous of her with Shatalin, who she has been in love with for many years.

The relationship between Constantine and Janna become one of the minor lost. They became friends long before the appearance of the show, but later despise each other. Constantine and Janna often say comments about each other, but sometimes they can get along, and between them there is even some kind of sexual attraction.

An important role in the drama consists of numerous cousins, uncles and aunts from the Shatalin and Prutkovskaya families. They work closely with each other talking, but do not always play well. Victoria's mother, Lyubov, comes to visit almost everyday and doesn't not leave the Shatalin's home for a long time. Victoria herself is not too delighted with Maxima's relatives, but family ties are very important to her.

The main story line is the story of Maksim and Viktoria. Almost from the very beginning of the series, their relationship took a different nature than simply the "nanny, and the father of the family." Victoria is responsible not only for children but also for Maxim. The feelings between the both of them appears in the first season, and increases more and more. But, Maxim does not make the first move and tries to keep Victoria on the distance. At the end of the third season, Maxim has finally acknowledged his love for her, but early in the fourth season takes back his words, what leads Victoria furious.

Since then, their relationship changes. Viktoria is aware of his feelings, but realizes that she can not wait for him forever. In the sixth season, he proposes to her and they get married.



The first season of the show was released in 2004.[3]


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