Musashino Forest Sports Plaza

Coordinates: 35°39′58″N 139°31′21″E / 35.6660398°N 139.5224072°E / 35.6660398; 139.5224072

The Musashino Forest Sports Plaza is a multi-sport venue located in Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan.[1] It will serve as one of the venues for the 2020 Summer Olympics. The Musashino Forest Sports Plaza will host the badminton, fencing competitions and wheelchair basketball games for the 2020 Summer Paralympics.[2][3] The main arena has a seating capacity of over 10,000, and also includes a swimming pool, a gym, a multi-use sports area and two fitness studios, that is available for use by the general public.[3] It is the first new venue completed for Tokyo 2020. Construction took three and a half years and cost over $300 million to complete.[4]

Musashino Forest Sports Plaza
Musashino-no-mori Sports Plaza.jpg
Musashino Forest Sports Plaza in 2018
LocationChōfu, Tokyo, Japan
CapacityOver 10,000
Opened25 November 2017; 3 years ago (25 November 2017)
Construction costOver $300 million

In October 2018, the venue hosted the Japan Open Tennis Championships as the Ariake Coliseum is being renovated for the tennis events at the 2020 Summer Olympics.[5] It is used for staging 2020 Summer Olympics badminton events.


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