Muhammad Rahim Khan II of Khiva

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Sayyid Muhammad Rahim Bahadur II (1847–1910)[1] was Khan of Khiva from 1864 to 1910,[2] succeeding his father Sayyid Muhammad Khan. Khiva was turned into a Russian protectorate during his rule, in 1873.

Muhammad Rahim II
Хан Хивинского ханства.PNG
Muhammad Rahim II in 1900/1901
Khan of Khiva
PredecessorSayyid Muhammad Khan
SuccessorIsfandiyar Khan

The reign of Muhammad Rahim II marked the peak of a cultural revival, during which "more than a hundred works were translated, mostly from Persian into Chagatai Turkic."[3] Muhammad Rahim II introduced printing to Khiva in 1874.[4] He was also "a munificent patron" and wrote poetry under the pen name Feruz.[1]

Excerpt from GhazalsEdit

Below is one of Muhammad Rahim's ghazals in modern Uzbek Latin script:

Furqating soldi dil-u jon ichra oʻt,
Kufri zulfing din-u iymon ichra oʻt.

Nargisi shahlo koʻzung solgʻusidur,
Bir nigahdin bogʻ-u rizvon ichra oʻt.

Oh cheksam furqatingdin oʻrtanib,
Tushgusidur baytulahzon ichra oʻt.

Jurmim, ey mahvash, nedur, har dam solur
Barqi ishqing jismivayron ichra oʻt.

Oy kibi farrux yuzungning furqati
Soldi koʻkda mehri raxshon ichra oʻt.

Ne ajab, koʻrgach yuzing Feruzning
Ohidin tushsa guliston ichra oʻt.

— Adabiyot (Majmua). 2. Tashkent. 2010. pp. 358–359.



Further readingEdit

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