Most northerly point of land

The most northerly point of land on Earth is somewhere just north of mainland Greenland, but is a contentious issue due to variation of definition. How permanent some of the contenders are makes hard determination difficult, but sets an important threshold. Problematic issues include ice sheets, water movements and inundation, storm activity that may build, shift, or destroy banks of moraine material, and observational difficulties due to remoteness.

The following table sets out the main contenders for this title.

Island name Coordinates Distance from pole Discovered by Discovery year Permanent Notes
83-42[1] 83°42′05.2″N, 30°38′49.4″W 700.5 km Dennis Schmitt 2003 unknown 35 m by 15 m and 4 m high
[no record, needs confirmation] 83°41'N, 31°6'W 702.4km 2008 Ultima Thule expedition 2008 unknown needs verification
RTOW2001 83°41′06″N, 30°45′36″W 702.5 km RTOWexpedition 2001 unknown
ATOW1996[2] 83°40′34.8″N, 30°38′38.6″W 703.2km ATOWexpedition 1996 unknown 10 m long and 1 m high
Stray Dog West[3][4] 83°40'37”N, 31°12'W 703.3km Dennis Schmitt 2007 unknown needs confirmation
Qeqertaq Avannarleq[5][6] 83°40'17"N, 30°42'43"W 703.4 km[7] Morten Rasch 2021 unknown 30 m by 60 m and 3-4 m high
Oodaaq 83°40′N, 30°40′W 704.2km Uffe Petersen 1978 no 15 m by 8 m, appears to be submerged periodically
Kaffeklubben Island[8] 83°39′45″N, 29°50′W 704.7 km Robert Peary 1900 yes 700 m by 300 m by 30 m high
Cape Morris Jesup 83°37′39″N, 32°39′52″W 708.6 km Robert Peary 1900 yes northernmost tip of Greenland

Currently, Kaffeklubben Island is the most northerly, undisputed candidate among the land areas considered permanent that remain above water.

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