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Morning Advertiser is a twice monthly pub trade publication in the UK, with a circulation of 26,774. In 2011, William Reed Business Media, bought The Publican from United Business Media and merged the two titles to form The Publican's Morning Advertiser,[1] a printed magazine with a news website. The merger returned its original name to the Morning Advertiser in July 2016

Morning Advertiser
EditorEd Bedington
PublisherWilliam Reed Business Media


The Morning Advertiser was first published in 1794 by the London Society of Licensed Victuallers.[2] It was devoted to trade interests, rather than to the support of a political party. Its circulation, however, fostered by the society, was, in the middle of the 19th century, second only to that of The Times. Charles Dickens was an early contributor and journalist, broadcaster and Labour Party communication director Alastair Campbell worked as a reporter on the paper early in his career. Founded in 1794 as The Publican's Morning Advertiser,[3] it is the UK's oldest continuously produced paper.


1828: John Anderson
John Sheridan
John Scott
1850: James Grant
1870: Alfred Bate Richards
1876: N. de la Fleuriere
1877: Thomas Hamber
1882: Thomas Wright
1894: Frank Doney
1902: Hamilton Fyfe
1904: G. W. Talbot
1914: A. B. Fraser
1914: H. C. Bysshe
1924: Albert Edward Jackson
1928: H. Bennett
1930s: F. W. Millman
1947: Eric Hopwood
1953: Donald Quick
1956: Leslie Forse
1971: Terry Cockerell
1993: Kim Adams
2000: Andrew Pring
2009: Paul Charity
2011: Rob Willock
2015: Ed Bedington


The Morning Advertiser hosts The Great British Pub Awards, The Publican Awards and The Top 50 Gastropubs awards.


The Morning Advertiser's publisher, Tim Brooke-Webb won the title Publisher/Business Manager of the Year at the Professional Publishers' Association Awards 2012 for his work on the title.[4]

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