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This is the map of Gornja Morača(Upper Morača) and Donja Morača(Lower Morača).

Moračani (Serbian Cyrillic: Морачани) is one of the Highland tribes (Brđani, "highlanders", from Brda) and a historical region, Morača (Морача), in central Montenegro. According to folklore, their founder was Bogić Moračanin (16th century), hence they also call themselves Bogićevci.



To the east is the tribe of Vasojevići, to the south the Piperi and Bratonožići, to the west the Rovčani, to the northwest the Uskoci and north the Šaranci.

Notable peopleEdit



  • Рајко Раосављевић. Морача, Ровца, Колашин.