Monstress (short story collection)

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Monstress is a 2012 collection of stories by Lysley Tenorio.


In "Monstress", Filipina actress Reva Gogo and her B-Movie director boyfriend go to Los Angeles hoping that an American director can help them be successful.[1]

In "Help", a man recruits his nephew to fight the Beatles for being rude to Imelda Marcos.[2]

In "Superassassin", an isolated boy writes a biographical report on the Green Lantern and practices being a super-powered avenger with disastrous results.

In "Felix Starro", the grandson of a famous Filipino faith healer plans his escape from the family business.

In "The Brothers", a man buries his transgender sister with the help of her friend and remembers the brother he lost.[3]

In "The View From Culion", a young woman raised in a leper colony strikes up a tentative friendship with a US Navy officer afflicted with the disease.[4]

In "Save the I-Hotel", an elderly man tries to manage his homosexual desire for his oldest friend.[1]


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