Moldovan–Romanian dictionary

The Moldovan–Romanian dictionary (Romanian: Dicționar moldovenesc-românesc) is a dictionary compiled by Vasile Stati and published in 2003 in Chișinău in Moldova. It contains 19,000 allegedly Moldovan (one of the two names for the Romanian language in Moldova) words that are explained in Romanian. Its publishing was followed by a wave of criticism both in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

Moldovan–Romanian dictionary
AuthorVasile Stati
Original titleDicționar moldovenesc-românesc
Publication date

The idea of a dictionary might have come when the Romanian then-president, Ion Iliescu, said that he would believe that Moldovan is a different language from Romanian when he had a Moldovan–Romanian dictionary in his hands.

The dictionary includes:

  • Supposed Moldovan words that are also common in Romanian;
  • Regionalisms from Moldova, some of which are also used in the neighbouring Western Moldavia in Romania as well;
  • Archaic Romanian words from old documents that are no longer in use in Romania but some of which remain in use in Moldova;
  • Russian words that at some point entered in the speech of Moldova, but are missing from Romanian.


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