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Moharam (family)

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The Qahtanites lineage to Judham

Moharam of Judham of Murrah of Sheba of Kahlan of Qahtanite ( also Moharram, Muharram , Aal Moharam, Aal Maharema)  (Arabic: مُحَرَّم‎‎ or المحارمة ) is a family lineage from Egypt with ancestors from Yemin.

The family descend from Moharram from Judham (Jutham) جذام ibn Uday ibn Hareth of Murrah ibn Adad ibn Yashjob ibn Oreib ibn Zeid of Kahlan of Sheba (Sabaa') of Yashgiob of Yareeb from Qahtan from the Arab peninsula,. (Arabic: بنو جذام (عمرو) بن عدي بن الحارث بن مرة بن أدد بن زيد بن يشجب بن عريب بن زيد بن كهلان بن سبأ بن يشجب بن يعرب بن قحطان.)

From Judham are the dynasty Hud (Banu Hud) and the dynasty Martinez who ruled Andalusia and Valencia.

Moharam first entered Egypt with the Arab conquest on Egypt in December 639 with Amr Bin-Al Aasand and settled in Kafr Ali Kaly (قرية كفر على غالى) Al Sharkia and owned lands. More lands were granted to them by Saladin which they still hold until today. Moharram in Egypt encloses five houses. House of Soweid, house of Baagah, house of Nathel, house of Refaa and house of Bardaa (سويد، وبعجة، وناثل، ورفاعة، وبردعة )

Flag of Egypt's Al Sharkia Governorate, First home of Moharam in Egypt

Although the family settled in Al-sharkia in Egypt, they eventually spread over Egypt and over the middle east especially in Jordan and Syria. The major cause that lead to the family spreading over Egypt was their refusal to pay taxes in the Era of Muhammed Ali of Egypt who ordered the destruction of their houses. Once they heard that the army is marching towards their home, they abandoned it and took refuge in the neighboring cities. [1]

After the campaign, some of the family houses returned back to Al sharkia while others took home of other places in Egypt.

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