Mohammad Bagher Kharazi

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Mohammad Bagher Kharazi (born 26 June 1961) is an Iranian cleric and a candidate for the presidential elections held in June 2013. His nomination was rejected by Guardian Council.

Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi
Bagher Kharazi in the election commission.jpg
Born (1961-06-26) 26 June 1961 (age 59)
Alma materQom Hawza
Years active1990s–present
Parent(s)Mohsen Kharazi
RelativesSadegh Kharazi (brother)
Kamal Kharazi (uncle)
WebsiteOfficial website

Early life and educationEdit

Kharrazi was born on 26 June 1961.[1] He was educated in Qom.[1]

Career and political activitiesEdit

Kharazi is secretary general of Hezbollah of Iran.[2][3] He was appointed to this post in 1990.[4] He owns a daily with the same name with the organization.[5] He is a religious teacher and one of his students is Mojtaba Khamenei.[6]

He run for the presidential elections that was held in 2013.[7] He was registered for the elections on 9 May 2013.[8] However, his candidacy was rejected by Iran's Guardian Council on 21 May 2013.[9]


In February 2013, Kharazi claimed "If I am elected as president, I will return the lands of Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan, which were separated from Iran."[10] Iran lost these lands to the Tsardom of Russia in the 19th century.[7]


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