Ministry of the Interior (Hungary)

The Ministry of Interior of Hungary (Hungarian: Belügyminisztérium) is a part of the Hungarian state organisation. Its head, the Minister of Interior, is a member of the Hungarian cabinet. The ministry was established in 1848.

The seat of the ministry at István Széchenyi Square in Budapest

Between 2006 and 2010 the ministry was split into the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Justice and Law. In 2010 the prior organization was restored.

In the early 1980s, there were four separate internal security forces under the Ministry of Interior. These included the Internal Security Troops (Belso Karahatalom); the State Security Authority (Allamvedelmi Hatosag, AVH)'s Security Police, the Frontier Guard or Border Guard (Hatarorseg, HO, hu:Határőrség Magyarországon), wearing army uniforms, 15,000 strong; and the Workers' Militia (Munkas Orseg, MO).[1] By mid-1986 it was estimated that the Frontier Guards were 16,000 strong, with 11,000 conscripts, divided into 11 districts.[2]

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