Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow

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Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow (南の虹のルーシー, Minami no Niji no Rūshī, "Lucy of the Southern Rainbow") is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. This 1982 adaptation is part of the studio's popular World Masterpiece Theater franchise, based on the 1982 novel Southern Rainbow by Australian writer Phyllis Piddington (1910–2001), and tells the story of a young girl named Lucy and the hardships and excitement she and her family encounter when they move from England to Adelaide in Australia to start a farm.

Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow
Lucy of the Southern Rainbow.jpg
Cover art from the Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow DVD release
(Minami no Niji no Rūshī)
Anime television series
Directed byHiroshi Saitô
Produced byTakaji Matsudo
Written byAkira Miyazaki
Music byKōichi Sakata
StudioNippon Animation
Original networkFuji TV
Original run 10 January 1982 26 December 1982
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The anime has been dubbed into French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, German and Persian.

Another adaptation of the story, written by Ken Wakasaki as a tie-in to the anime, was also published in Japan in 1982.



  1. To a New land
  2. Cute Fellow
  3. The Replacement
  4. First Exploration
  5. After the Rain
  6. A Town Named Adelaide
  7. Ben's Misfortune
  8. Night Before Departure
  9. Road to Adelaide
  10. Green Town
  11. My Small House
  12. Night at Adelaide
  13. Ben Has Arrived
  14. A Stout Man
  15. Two Homes
  16. Drenched Doctor
  17. Unfortunate Accident
  18. Tree Climbing
  19. Shopping Tine
  20. Water in the Well
  21. Adelaide's Designer
  22. Children of Brick and Dingo
  23. Your Name is Little
  24. The Day Which Marks The End Of Summer
  25. When I'm Not Brought Along
  26. I Got Sick!
  27. Ride on the Wind
  28. Land Opposite the River
  29. Little's Training
  30. Birthday Present
  31. Little and Black Dog
  32. Bridge over the Rainbow
  33. Lost Dream
  34. Little and School
  35. Duel
  36. Five Shillings in the Nest
  37. Bandits of the Grassland
  38. Detective Lucy
  39. Two Farewells
  40. Who Am I?
  41. A Town I Do Not Know, A Person I Do Not Recognize
  42. A Child Called Emily
  43. Missing Each Other
  44. Little! Little!
  45. Tob's Vanished
  46. A Wombat In The Hole
  47. Father's Decision
  48. Rich Child
  49. Clara's Marriage
  50. Toward's the Rainbow


  • Opening Theme: "Niji ni Naritai" by Sumiko Yamagata
  • Ending Theme: "Mori ni Oide" by Sumiko Yamagata

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