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Mikalojus Radvila or Mikolaj I[2] nicknamed the Old (Lithuanian: Mikalojus Radvilaitis, Mikalojus II Radvila Senasis, Polish: Mikołaj Radziwiłłowicz Stary, Latin: Nicolaus II Radziwil Priscus) (c. 1450 – 16 July 1509) was a Lithuanian noble. He was known after a patronym Radvilaitis, made of his father's name Radvila, which in turn became a family name of his heirs, Radvilos, which later polonised as Radziwiłł.

Mikalojus "the Old" Radvila
Mikołaj Radziwiłł Stary.PNG
Bornc. 1450
Died16 July 1509 (aged 58–59)
Noble familyRadziwiłł
Spouse(s)Sofija Ona Manvydaitė
Zofia Zasławska
Fiedora Rohatyńska
with Sofija Ona Manvydaitė:
Mikolaj Radziwiłł
Jan Radziwiłł
Anna Radziwiłł
Wojciech Radziwiłł
Jerzy Radziwiłł
FatherRadvila Astikas[1]
MotherEudoxia Radziwiłł

Mikalojus had been a regent of Smolensk from 2 December 1481; in 1483 a 10,000-strong army was summoned by him for protection of Smolensk lands. He had been the Castellan of Trakai since 31 May 1488 and regent of Novgorodok, later a regent of Bielsk Podlaski. He was the Voivod of Vilnius since 1492 and the first Grand Chancellor of Lithuania from 1504 until his death in 1509. His sons Jerzy, Mikołaj and Jan were the progenitors of the three Radziwiłł family lines.


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