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Miguel del Águila (born September 15, 1957)[1] is an Uruguayan-born American composer of contemporary classical music.


Miguel del Águila was born in Montevideo. In 1978, del Águila moved to California, fleeing Uruguay's 1970's repressive military government. After graduating from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music he traveled to Vienna, where he studied at the Hochschule für Musik and Konservatorium. Early premieres of his works in Vienna's Musikverein, Konzerthaus and Bösendorfer halls introduced his music and distinctive Latin sound to European audiences. In 1989, del Águila introduced his works in New York's Carnegie Recital Hall (now Weill Hall), and Lukas Foss conducted the U.S. premiere of del Águila's Hexen with the Brooklyn Philharmonic.[citation needed] CDs of his works were released on Albany Records and KKM-Austria by 1990, works including his Clarinet Concerto, "Herbsttag", and "Hexen". Del Águila returned to the U.S. in 1992, where the Los Angeles Times described him as "one of the West Coast's most promising and enterprising young composers."[2] He received the Kennedy Center Friedheim Award in 1995, and was music director of Ojai Camerata[3] until 1999. He was resident composer at Chautauqua Institution Summer Festival from 2001 to 2005

Del Águila was among the first composers chosen by Meet the Composer and The American Symphony Orchestra League to receive a Music Alive Extended Residency grant, resulting in the 2006 opera Time and Again Barelas,[4] a partnership between the New Mexico Symphony and the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Joanne Sheehy Hoover of the Albuquerque Journal wrote that the opera “displayed his command of an arresting musical vocabulary, marked by a complex yet infectious rhythmic vitality.”[5]

In 2008, del Águila received a "Magnum Opus"[6] commission administered by Meet the Composer, for performances by the Nashville Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic, Virginia Symphony, and Winnipeg Symphony. The resulting tone poem "The Fall of Cuzco" was premiered by the Nashville Symphony conducted by Giancarlo Guerrero in November 2009. In 2008–09, del Águila was given the Lancaster Symphony's Composer Award.[7] His "Choral Suite No. 2" for mixed chorus and orchestra was performed by the symphony, conducted by Stephen Gunzenhauser, in November 2008.

In 2010 del Águila received two Latin Grammy nominations, for the Bridge CD Salón Buenos Aires (for Best Classical Album) and for his work "Clocks" (Best Classical Contemporary Composition), performed by Camerata San Antonio.[8] The recording received a Copland Foundation Recording Award in 2009. In 2015, he received a third nomination for his "Concierto en Tango" (Best Classical Contemporary Composition), commissioned, premiered and recorded by the Buffalo Philharmonic with cello soloist Roman Mekinulov, conducted by JoAnn Falletta.[9]

Miguel del Águila's works are recorded on Naxos, Dorian, Telarc, New Albion, Albany, Centaur and Eroica among others, and many are published by Peermusic Classical, Theodore Presser and self-published. After many years in Southern California, he now lives in Seattle.


Chamber Chamber works without piano

  • BOLIVIANA guitar and string quartet 20'
  • HERBSTTAG (Autumn Day) fl, bn,harp 7:30'
  • HEXEN bn,string ensemble 12'
  • LIFE IS A DREAM string quartet 15'
  • MALAMBO bassoon and string quartet 13'
  • NOSTALGICA string qtet.,bassoon 19'
  • PACIFIC SERENADE string quartet, clarinet (opt.sax) 16'
  • PRESTO A CUATRO guitar quartet (opt.:4guit.4strgs) 6:00'
  • PRESTO II string quartet 6'
  • SUBMERGED – flute, viola, harp 10'
  • THE DAY AFTER four cellos 3
  • WIND QUINTET No.2 – fl,ob,cl,hn,bn 30'
  • PROCESSION OF LUNATICS four cellos 9'
  • Chamber works with piano
  • BROKEN RONDO English horn, pno. 13'
  • CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL – 2 pianos/8 hands 13'
  • CHARANGO CAPRICCIOSO string quartet,piano 14'
  • CLARINET CONCERTO cl, pno 17'
  • CLOCKS string quartet,pno. 17'
  • CONGA-LINE IN HELL 1111-1111-hrp,1perc,pno. vl,va,vc,cb.11'
  • CONGA-LINE IN HELL fl,cl,harp,piano,1perc,8 cellos. 11''
  • CONGA-LINE IN HELL – six pianos 13'
  • HEXEN (Witches) bn,pno 12'
  • LATIN LOVE wind quintet,pno. 2005
  • MALAMBO bassoon and piano 13'
  • MIAMI FLUTE SUITE – flute and piano 23:00'
  • PACIFIC SERENADE clarinet and piano (opt.sax) 16'
  • RETURN vl,pno.15'
  • SALON BUENOS AIRES – fl,cl, vl,vla,vc,pno. 23:00'
  • SEDUCCION flute,cl,piano 9'
  • SEDUCCION DANCE fl,ob,pno or fl,bn,pno) 9'
  • SEDUCCION – vl,piano. 7''
  • SEXTET piano and wind quintet 8
  • SILENCE – violin and piano 10:00'
  • SILENCE – clarinet and piano 10:00'
  • SUMMER SONG – oboe,pno. 16'
  • SUNSET SONG – bassoon,pno 18'
  • TANGO TRIO – vl,cello,pno. 12'
  • TANGO TRIO – cl,cello,pno. (opt:ob,cello pno) 12'
  • TANGO TRIO – ob,bn,pno. (opt:cl,bn,pno) 12'


  • Orchestra
  • BACK IN TIME – 3222,4331, 4 perc, 9:30'
  • CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL – 3333–4331,hrp, pno. perc. 13'
  • CARIBEÑA – orch. (2222-4221-pno-timp+2, strings) 8'
  • CARIBEÑA – ch. orch. (1111-1110-pno-timp+1, strings) 8'
  • CHAUTAUQUAN SUMMER – full orch. 13'
  • SALON BUENOS AIRES – orchestra 20'
  • CONGA – 2222,3221,pno, hrp, 12'
  • CONGA-LINE IN HELL 1111-1111-hrp,1perc,pno. vl,va,vc,cb.11'
  • THE FALL OF CUZCO – full orch. 20'
  • THE GIANT GUITAR – full orch. 7'
  • TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS SUITE 2 – orch/choir, solo tenor 33'
  • TOCCATA – 2222–2111, large perc,pno,str. 8'
  • Solo instrument / voice and orchestra
  • BROKEN RONDO solo English horn and orch. 13'
  • CLARINET CONCERTO solo Clarinet and orch. 25'
  • CONCIERTO EN TANGO solo cello and orch. 18'
  • CONCIERTO EN TANGO solo viola and orch. 18'
  • CONCIERTO EN TANGO solo string quartet and orch. 18'
  • IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT solo high voice and orchestra 9'
  • ISLAMORADA solo piano and string orchestra 9:30
  • HEXEN solo bassoon and string orch. 12'
  • PIANO CONCERTO solo piano and orch. 25'
  • RETURN TO HOMELAND solo violin and orch. 15'
  • TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS SUITE No.2 – orch. choir, solo tenor 33'
  • VIOLIN CONCERTO solo violin and orch, 27'


  • AGNUS DEI – med-high voice, pno. 7'
  • ALBUQUERQUE – barbershop quartet 3'
  • AVE MARIA – treble chorus and piano (opt Hrp) 5'
  • COMPOSER MISSING – chamber opera: choir, S,A,T,B soli 90'
  • CUAUHTEMOC – full length opera: orch,choir soli 3 hrs.
  • CUAUHTEMOC CHORAL SUITE – choir,3 soli,pno,perc 35'
  • CUAUHTEMOC SONGS – T,B,S soli and piano 50'
  • FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT – ch choir, wind quartet, harp. 8'
  • IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT – tenor (opt. sopr. and orchestra) 7'
  • LACRYMOSA – med-high voice,piano 7:30'
  • OPHELIA IN SEVILLE – sopr, tenor, fl, cl, tbn, 2 vlns, vla, vc 16'
  • SALVA ME – choir a cappella (opt. piano) 7'
  • TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS – Opera in two acts: chorus, orchestra. alto, tenor and other soli. 150'
  • TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS CHORAL SUITE – orchestra, mixed chorus. 17'
  • TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS CHORAL SUITE No.2. Same plus overture, solo tenor. 29'
  • TROUBADOURS – mixed choir, opt. pno., 10'
  • Chamber arrangements:

Piano and solo InstrumentEdit

  • CONGA 10'
  • FOUR HAND ETUDE – pno. 4-hands 4'
  • HALF OF ME – pno. left hand only. 8'
  • PIANO SONATA No.2 15'
  • TOCCATA – 5'
  • Harpsichord / organ
  • BELLS WITH A MISSION – solo organ 15'
  • ONE OF YOU – solo organ, 14'
  • PICTURES FROM AMERICA – harpsichord 13'
  • TOCCATA – harpsichord 3:30'
  • TENNESSEE – guitar 11:30'
  • CUTTING LIMES – violin 4'

Dance, film, TV

  • ACONGA-LINE IN HELL – Choreography by Annabella Gonzalez for Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater (New York)
  • CONVERGENCE (Silence/Seducción) – choreography by Brett Weidlich – Dance ART Ensemble/Ventura County Ballet – Focus on the Masters, Ventura, California
  • DANSAQ – (PRESTO II) – Choreographed by Mari Fujibayashi and Olivia Rosenkrantz for Tapage Dance Ensemble (New York)
  • TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS DANCES – Choreography by David Vega Chavez for New Mexico Ballet Dancers and New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. (Albuquerque, NM)
  • CLOCKS – Choreography by Minou Lallemand for Onium Ballet Project and Chamber Music Hawaii. (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • CAPADOCIA (Third Season) – (SUNDIAL 2000 B.C. from CLOCKS)
  • Co-production: HBO Latin America and Argos Productions. Episode 36 "Taller con olor a muerto"
  • Written by Laura Sosa, Leticia López Margalli, Guillermo Ríos Joaquín Guerrero Casasola and Carmen Madrid
  • Directed by Javier Patrón, Carlos Carrera, Pitipol Ybarra. Starring Ana de la Reguera, Alejandro Camacho, Juan Manuel Berna, Dolores Heredia, Héctor Arredondo, Cecilia Suárez, Cristina Umaña, Marco Treviño...
  • NATURALEZA QUIETA a documentary series produced by TV UNAM, Mexico
  • Directed by Marcos Limenes and Carolina Kerlow
  • Episodes: Sin aventuras no hay arte and El centro del equilibrio


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