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Miaolingian Epoch
509–497 million years ago
Ages in the Miaolingian epoch/series
-508 —
-506 —
-504 —
-502 —
-500 —
-498 —
Orsten Fauna
Ages of the Miaolingian epoch/series.
Axis scale: millions of years ago.

The Miaolingian is the third Series of the Cambrian period, and was formally named in 2018.[1] It lasted from about 509 to 497 million years ago and is divided in ascending order into 3 stages: the Wuliuan, Drumian, and Guzhangian. The Miaolingian is preceded by the unnamed Cambrian Series 2 and succeeded by the Furongian series.[2]


The lower boundary of the Miaolingian has the same definition as that of the Wuliuan. This boundary was formally defined by the ICS in 2018.

A number of proposals for fossils and type sections were made. The most promising fossil markers were seen to be the respective first appearances of either trilobite species Ovatoryctocara granulata or Oryctocephalus indicus.[3] Either species should have an age close to 509 million years ago.[2] The Miaolingian-Furongian boundary has the same definition as the Paibian stage. It is defined as the first appearance of Glyptagnostus reticulatus around 497 million years ago.[2]


The Miaolingian is subdivided into the following stages:[2]

Epoch Stage Age (mya)
Stage 10 489.5
Jiangshanian 494
Paibian 497
Guzhangian 500.5
Drumian 504.5
Wuliuan 509
Series 2
Stage 4 514
Stage 3 521


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