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Mictlancihuatl, as drawn in the Codex Borgia

In Aztec mythology, Mictlancihuatl (Nahuatl pronunciation: [mik.t͡ɬaːn.ˈsiwat͡ɬ]; Mictlantecuhtzi or Tzontemoc [t͡sonˈtemok]) is the queen of Mictlan, the ninth and last level of the underworld. Her purpose is to watch over the bones of the dead, and to preside over Aztec festivals in honor of the dead (which have evolved into the contemporary Day of the Dead. She is known as the "Lady of Death", since it is believed that she died at birth. The wife of Mictlantecuhtli, she works sometimes with and sometimes in conflict with the king of the dead.[1]


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