Menza (river)

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The Menza (Russian: Менза; Mongolian: Минж гол) is a river in Zabaykalsky Krai in Russia, and Töv Province, Mongolia. It is the largest tributary of the Chikoy. Its length is 337 kilometres (209 mi). The area of its basin is 13,800 square kilometres (5,300 sq mi).[1]

Mongolian: Минж гол
Russian: Менза
View of the river
Menza (river) is located in Zabaykalsky Krai
Menza (river)
Mouth location in Transbaikal Krai, Russia
CountriesRussia, Mongolia
Province and Federal subjectTöv Province and Transbaikal Krai
Physical characteristics
 • locationKhentii Mountains
 • coordinates48°36′29″N 108°19′26″E / 48.60806°N 108.32389°E / 48.60806; 108.32389
 • coordinates
50°13′35″N 108°36′30″E / 50.22639°N 108.60833°E / 50.22639; 108.60833
Length337 km (209 mi)
Basin size13,800 km2 (5,300 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionChikoySelengaLake BaikalAngaraYeniseyKara Sea


The Menza has its source in the northern part of the Khentii Mountains in Mongolia. It flows across mountainous areas, first northeastwards, entering Zabaykalsky Krai, then bends to the northwest across the western edge of the Khentei-Daur Highlands, joining the Chikoy on its left bank. The Burkal (Буркал) is its most important tributary.[2]

Location of the river source in Mongolia
Basin of the Selenga.

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