Mauretania Public House

Coordinates: 51°27′12″N 2°36′6″W / 51.45333°N 2.60167°W / 51.45333; -2.60167

The Mauretania Public House is a public house on Park Street in the English city of Bristol.

Mauretania Public House
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General information
Town or cityBristol, England
CountryUnited Kingdom
Design and construction
ArchitectHenry Masters

It was built in 1870 by Henry Masters, with a rear extension being added in 1938 by WH Watkins. It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade II listed building.[1]

Some of the furnishings from the RMS Mauretania were installed in a bar/restaurant complex at the bottom of Park Street,[2] initially called "Mauretania", now "Java". The lounge bar was the library with mahogany panelling: above the first-class Grand Saloon with French-style gilding overlooks Frog Lane. The neon sign on the south wall still advertises the "Mauretania": installed in 1938 this was the first moving neon sign in Bristol.[3]


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