Matejovce nad Hornádom

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Matejovce nad Hornádom (Hungarian: Hernádmáté) is a village and municipality in the Spišská Nová Ves District in the Košice Region of central-eastern Slovakia.

General view of the village

History Edit

The village was first mentioned in historical records in 1320 (703 years ago) (1320).

An artist, known only as "The Master of the Main Altar in Matejovce", has left a series of notable paintings, such as an Adoration of the Magi, painted at some tome time between 1440 and 1450.[1]

Geography Edit

The village lies at an altitude of 425 metres (1,394 ft) and covers an area of 3.619 km2 (1.397 sq mi). In 2011 has a population of 500 inhabitants.

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48°55′00″N 20°40′17″E / 48.91667°N 20.67139°E / 48.91667; 20.67139

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