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Coordinates: 40°13′19″N 8°26′46″W / 40.22194°N 8.44611°W / 40.22194; -8.44611

Choupal National Forest

Choupal National Forest (Portuguese: Mata Nacional do Choupal) is a national forest in Coimbra, Portugal.[1] It is a short distance from the city downtown and runs alongside the Mondego River. The forest has trails for jogging, walking, cycling and horse-riding.[2]

This grove of poplar trees (choupos, whence choupal "poplar grove"), was planted in an attempt to stop the floods of the Mondego. In 1791, the engineer and Padre (Father, priest) Estêvão Cabral directed a big project that was meant to decrease the levels of silt in the river. The trees of Choupal were therefore planted to allow a better settling of the riverbed. Since the 19th century many other trees, including planes (sycamores), beeches, laurels, and eucalyptus have grown in the area. Today the forest is a popular place for recreation, exercise and picnics.



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