Mataʻiʻulua ʻi Fonuamotu

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Mataʻiʻulua ʻi Fonuamotu, Lord Fusituʻa, is a Tongan politician and noble of the Realm.

Lord Fusituʻa
Member of Parliament
for Niuas
Assumed office
21 May 2014
Preceded byLord Fusituʻa (his father)
Majority2 (100%)
Personal details
Political partynone (Nobles' Representative)

He was bestowed with the title Fusituʻa, one of the thirty-three hereditary titles of the Tongan nobility, on 6 May 2014, following the death of the previous title-holder (his father) on 24 April.[1] His father had also been one of the nine representatives of the nobility in the Legislative Assembly of Tonga, sitting for the nobles' constituency of the Niuas islands. His death led to a by-election on 21 May, whereby the nobles in the Niuas elected the new Lord Fusituʻa as their representative to Parliament.[1]

In August 2019 Fonuamotu was medevaced to New Zealand after collapsing in Tonga. He has remained in Auckland ever since.[2] On 6 August 2020 his seat was declared vacant due to his failing to attend Parliament for over a year.[3] On 1 September he was re-elected in the resulting by-election.[4]


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