2006 Massachusetts ballot measures

Three citizen-initiated measures appeared on the November 7, 2006 ballot in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Constitution can be amended through the initiative and state statutes can be proposed through initiative. All three statewide ballot measures that were on the November 2006 ballot by collecting signatures were proposed statutes (not constitutional amendments).

In Massachusetts, after the state determines which initiatives have succeeded in collecting enough signatures to be placed on the ballot, official numbers/names are assigned to each of the successful initiatives. The Secretary of the Commonwealth has discretion over the order of questions on the ballot.

Ballot questionsEdit

Number Initiative Title Subject Description Status
Question 1 Sale of Wine by Food Stores Alcohol A law to allow local authorities to license stores selling groceries to sell wine.[1] Failed
Question 2 Nomination of Candidates for Public Office Electoral policy A law to create "more ballot choices" by allowing for fusion voting.[2] Failed
Question 3 Family Child Care Providers Child Care A law to allow home-based family child care providers providing state-subsidized care to bargain collectively with the state government.[3] Failed


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