School District 6 Rocky Mountain

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School District 6 Rocky Mountain is a school district in South Eastern British Columbia. This includes the major centres of Kimberley, Invermere and Golden.

School District 6 Rocky Mountain
Golden, Invermere, Kimberley, Windermere, Canal Flats, Field, Radium Hot Springs, Edgewater in Kootenays

Coordinates50°30′39″N 116°01′41″W / 50.5107°N 116.0281°W / 50.5107; -116.0281
District information
SuperintendentMr. Paul Carriere
BudgetCA$45.3 million
Students and staff
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Rocky School District was formed in 1996 by the amalgamation of School District 3 (Kimberley), School District 4 (Windermere) and School District 18 (Golden).


School Location Grades
RM Distributed Learning/Continuing Education Kimberley K-Adult
Edgewater Elementary School Edgewater K-6
Golden Alternate School Golden 10-12
Alexander Park Elementary School Golden K-3
Windermere Elementary School Windermere K-7
Golden Secondary School Golden 8-12
Selkirk Secondary School Kimberley 8-12
Open Doors Alternate School Invermere 10-12
Nicholson Elementary School Golden K-7
McKim Middle School Kimberley 4-7
Marysville Elementary School Kimberley K-3
Martin Morigeau Elementary School Canal Flats K-7
Lindsay Park Elementary School Kimberley K-3
Lady Grey Elementary School Golden 4-7
Kimberley Alternate School Kimberley 10-12
Eileen Madson Primary School Invermere K-3
J Alfred Laird Elementary School Invermere 4-7
David Thompson Secondary Invermere 8-12

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