1853 Maryland independence referendum

An independence referendum was held in the Maryland Colony on 31 January 1853.[1] Only 122 people voted in the referendum, all in favor of independence.[1]


The Maryland State Colonization Society was established in Maryland in the United States in 1830.[1] The group established the Maryland Colony in Africa on 22 February 1834.[2] After Liberia declared independence in 1847, the desire for independence also grew in Maryland, and the settlers presented a petition to the authorities for a referendum.


Choice Votes %
For 122 100
Against 0 0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 122 100
Source: Direct Democracy


Following the referendum, elections were held for a Constitutional Council in February 1854, a new constitution was approved in a referendum in March 1854, and Maryland declared independence as the Republic of Maryland on 8 June 1854.[3]


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