Martini Shot

Martini Shot (also called Window Shot[1]) is a Hollywood term for the final shot set-up of the day. According to Dave Knox, author of the film industry slang guide Strike the Baby and Kill the Blonde,[2] the Martini Shot was so named because "the next shot is out of a glass", referring to a post-wrap drink.

Other named shots include:

  • The Abby Singer Shot - The 2nd to last shot (named after an Assistant Director Abby Singer)
The Abby Singer shot was born of efforts at efficiency. By giving the film crew notice that the end of the filming day was near they could begin to pack gear and prepare for a company move.[3]
  • The Jonesy - The 1st shot of the day (named after Sarah Jones)
The Jonesy is a tribute to a camera assistant who was killed in a train collision on the set of Midnight Rider.[4][5] It is meant to be a reminder for crews to make sure they have taken all safety precautions before beginning their filming day.[6][7][8]
  • The Marcia Marcia Marcia Shot - The 3rd to last shot, a reference to Jan Brady's catchphrase from The Brady Bunch. Used mainly by Los Angeles-based crews.
  • The Bertuzzi Shot - The shot after the Window shot. Named after Bertuzzi–Moore incident, because it is "the shot you don't see coming."

Other usesEdit

Martini Shot is also the name of Rob Long's weekly short radio segment on KCRW in Los Angeles which covers the film industry.[9]


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