Duke of Escalona

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Duke of Escalona (Spanish: Duque de Escalona) is a Spanish noble title that was granted by Henry IV of Castile in 1472 to Juan Pacheco, first Marquess of Villena.

Dukedom of Escalona
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Creation date12 December 1472
MonarchHenry IV
PeeragePeerage of Spain
First holderJuan Pacheco y Téllez-Girón, 1st Duke of Escalona
Present holderFrancisco de Borja de Soto y Moreno-Santamaría, 20th Duke of Escalona[1]

The name Escalona refers to the village Escalona del Alberche, in the Province of Toledo.

The Dukes of Escalona remained an important family throughout the Spanish history.
Charles III of Spain made Juan Pacheco, 11th Duke-consort of Escalona a Grandee of Spain first class in 1750.

The Dukes of Escalona had many other titles, including : Marquis of Villena, Count of Xiquena, Count of San Esteban de Gormaz, Count of Castañeda, etc..

Dukes and Duchesses of EscalonaEdit

  1. Don Juan Pacheco, 1st Duke of Escalona (1419–1474)
  2. Don Diego Lopez de Pacheco, 2nd Duke of Escalona (1456–1529)
  3. Don Diego López Pacheco, 3rd Duke of Escalona (1506–1556)
  4. Don Francisco Pacheco, 4th Duke of Escalona (1532–1574)
  5. Don Juan Fernandez Pacheco, 5th Duke of Escalona (1563–1615)
  6. Don Felipe Fernández Pacheco, 6th Duke of Escalona (1596–1633)
  7. Don Diego López Pacheco, 7th Duke of Escalona (1599–1653)
  8. Don Juan Manuel López de Pacheco, 8th Duke of Escalona (1650–1725)
  9. Don Mercurio López Pacheco, 9th Duke of Escalona (1679–1738)
  10. Don Andrés Fernández Pacheco, 10th Duke of Escalona (1710–1746)
  11. Doña María Ana López Pacheco Toledo y Portugal, 11th Duchess of Escalona (1729–1768)
  12. Don Felipe Lopez-Pacheco de La Cueva, 12th Duke of Escalona (1727–1798)
  13. Don Diego López Pacheco Téllez-Girón Gómez de Sandoval, 13th Duke of Escalona (1754–1811)
  14. Don Bernardino Fernández de Velasco, 14th Duke of Escalona (1783–1851)
  15. Don Francisco de Borja de Martorell y Téllez-Girón, 15th Duke of Escalona (1839–1897)
  16. Don Mariano Tellez-Giron y Fernandez de Cordoba, 16th Duke of Escalona (1887–1931)
  17. Don Gabino de Martorell y Téllez-Girón, 17th Duke of Escalona (1894–1918)
  18. Doña María de La Soledad de Martorell y Castillejo, 18th Duchess of Escalona (1924–)
  19. Don Francisco de Borja de Soto y Martorell, 19th Duke of Escalona (1956–1997)
  20. Don Francisco de Borja Soto y Moreno-Santamaría, 20th Duke of de Escalona.


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