Marovo Lagoon

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Vangunu Island seen from space. Marovo lagoon can be seen north of the island.

Marovo Lagoon is a large saltwater lagoon located in the New Georgia Islands, north of Vangunu Island, at 8°29′S 158°04′E / 8.48°S 158.07°E / -8.48; 158.07. It is part of the Solomon Islands. It encompasses 700 square km and is protected by a double barrier reef system.

The Marovo Lagoon World Heritage Area is located in the Marovo Lagoon. Sightings of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) have been confirmed in the lagoon.[1]

There are many islands in the lagoon, some of which are inhabited. The people speak the Marovo language and live mainly by subsistence agriculture and are skilled at fishing.[2] The lagoon is a popular destination for diving.


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