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List of marine ecoregions

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The following is a list of marine ecoregions, as defined by the WWF and The Nature Conservancy

The WWF/Nature Conservancy scheme groups the individual ecoregions into 12 marine realms, which represent the broad latitudinal divisions of polar, temperate, and tropical seas, with subdivisions based on ocean basins. The marine realms are subdivided into 62 marine provinces, which include one or more of the 232 marine ecoregions.

The WWF/Nature Conservancy scheme currently encompasses only coastal and continental shelf areas; ecoregions of the deep oceans have not yet been delineated.


Arctic realmEdit

Temperate Northern AtlanticEdit

Temperate Northern PacificEdit

Tropical AtlanticEdit

Western Indo-PacificEdit

Central Indo-PacificEdit

South China SeaEdit

Sunda ShelfEdit

Java TransitionalEdit

  • Southern Java
  • Cocos-Keeling/Christmas Island

South KuroshioEdit

  • South Kuroshio

Tropical Northwestern PacificEdit

Western Coral TriangleEdit

Eastern Coral TriangleEdit

Sahul ShelfEdit

Northeast Australian ShelfEdit

Northwest Australian ShelfEdit

Tropical Southwestern PacificEdit

Lord Howe and Norfolk IslandsEdit

  • Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands

Eastern Indo-PacificEdit

Tropical Eastern PacificEdit

Temperate South AmericaEdit

Temperate Southern AfricaEdit


  • Namib
  • Namaqua


Amsterdam-St PaulEdit

Temperate AustralasiaEdit

Southern OceanEdit

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