March 1909 Los Angeles mayoral election

The 1909 election for Mayor of Los Angeles took place on March 26, 1909 following the recall of incumbent Arthur Cyprian Harper.[1] George Alexander was elected over Fred C. Wheeler by a small plurality.[2] It was the first election "ever held in any American city for the recall of a mayor."[3]

March 1909 Los Angeles mayoral election
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  LAmayor-GeorgeAlexander.jpg Los Angeles City Councilman Fred C. Wheeler in 1909.jpg
Candidate George Alexander Fred C. Wheeler
Party Democratic Socialist
Popular vote 14,043 12,341
Percentage 53.23% 46.78%

Mayor before election

William D. Stephens

Elected Mayor

George Alexander


Facing a recall election, incumbent Democratic mayor Arthur Cyprian Harper was forced to resign due to dishonesty that marked his administration. Because of his resignation, Republican politician William Stephens became the acting mayor of Los Angeles while campaigning was going on, which lasted less than two weeks.[4]

Two candidates participated, Democratic candidate George Alexander and Socialist politician Fred C. Wheeler. Wheeler was denied ballot access because his candidacy had allegedly not followed regulations of the city before the ruling was overturned by a judicial appeal.[5][6]

Wheeler lost to George Alexander by a small plurality of 1,650 votes, with the Associated Press reporting that the vote for Wheeler was a "was a great surprise".[7][8]


Los Angeles mayoral recall election, March 26, 1909[9]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic George Alexander 14,043 53.23 N/A
Socialist Fred C. Wheeler 12,341 46.78 N/A
Total votes 26,384 100.00 -5.3
Democratic gain from Republican Swing 19.41

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