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Barangay Mansâsâ is one of the 15 districts or barangays of Tagbilaran City, capital of the province of Bohol, in the Philippines. It is located on the southern part of the city, just a minute ride from the city proper. It is bordered on the north by Barangay Dampas, Bool to the east, Poblacion 1 and 2 on the west, and by the Tagbilaran Strait to the south. Mansâsâ is one of the smallest barangays in the city with an area of only 82.9 hectares.[1]

Historical backgroundEdit

Mansasa was established on 1856. Its first teniente was Eugenio Inting. The original families that made up the barrio were the Belderol, Parras, Inting, Pungay, Kudemus and Balane families.[2]

Origin of nameEdit

According to some residents, the original name of Mansâsâ was "magsâsâ" which means the marking of bamboo slats which is locally called "sâsâ". During the olden days, the people of the barrio engaged mostly in making bamboo slats. Their industry became popular. The people from the nearby barrios and towns flocked to Magsasa to buy their products for walling their houses. As years went by, the name developed into "Mansâsâ".[1]

Old CemeteryEdit

Napo, an old sitio, was formerly a cemetery of the Chinese colonizers in the early days. Residents often dig up Chinese jars with gems and bones, Chinese plates, necklaces, earrings and ornaments made of Chinese gold particularly in places near the shore. In this same cemetery, the old "panteon" where the rich were interred could still be found. People spared this because of a story handed down from generation to generation that if you try to harm or disturb the old structure, it would case horrible thunder and lightning enough to kill mortal beings.[2]

Statistical ProfileEdit

  • Population (2000) - 4,673
  • No. of households - 920
  • Area (in hectares) - 82.9


  • Fishing


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