Manja (string)

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Manja (or manjha) (IPA: /maːŋdʒʱaː/) is an abrasive string used to fly fighter kites, mainly in South Asian countries. Made when a cotton string is coated with powdered glass or a similar abrasive.



Traditionally, it is made on fine pure cotton thread coated with a mixture of rice glue, tree gums or similar natural ingredients and finely powdered glass, aluminum oxide or zirconia alumina for the abrasive.[1]

A relatively recent introduction, China manja, is based on non biodegradable synthetic fibers.[2]



Rooftop falling


People often fly the kites from rooftops, which poses risks to their safety.[3]

Kite runners


In some places, kite runners pursue kites to retrieve them without paying attention to the surrounding, causing accidents.[4][5]

Bystanders injury


Many reports of motorcyclists and others having their throats cut by manja - especially when driving through hanging strings.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

Threat to birds


It is also responsible for injuries to birds.[12] A pair of volunteer bird medics in New Delhi care for about 1,000 black kites each year, 90% of which are injured by manja and half of which die.[13]

At the Uttarayan festival, veterinarians had to repeatedly respond to situations where birds had been injured.[14]



Several attempts were initiated by government and authorities but none are seem to be successful.[15]



It was banned in Lahore since 2006.[16]


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