Manchukuo Imperial Guards

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The Manchukuo Imperial Guards (Chinese: 禁衛隊; pinyin: Jīn wèiduì, Japanese: しんえいたい, romanizedShin'eitai) were an elite unit of the Manchukuo armed forces created in 1933. It was charged with the protection of the Kangde Emperor, the royal household, and senior members of the Manchukuo civil government. Their garrison and headquarters were situated in the capital of Xinjing, adjacent to the Imperial Palace.

Manchukuo Imperial Guards
Manchukuo Honor Guard.JPG
Guardsmen in ceremonial uniform, 1934
Country Manchukuo
Allegiance Emperor of Manchukuo
RoleImperial guard
Size200 men (initial size)
Garrison/HQXinjing, Manchukuo
EngagementsPacification of Manchukuo
Soviet invasion of Manchuria
Ceremonial chiefPujie
Five-colored starManchukuo star.svg


The Manchukuo Imperial Guards were inspired by the Imperial Guards of the Qing dynasty and patterned after the Imperial Guard of Japan. Its 200 members were selected from candidates of ethnic Manchu backgrounds, and were trained independently of the Manchukuo Imperial Army or the Japanese Kwantung Army. Although largely a ceremonial force, the company received the latest firearms and also carried Japanese-style swords (Japanese: 軍刀, romanizedGuntō) as dress weaponry. Their uniforms were grey or black with silver or gold insignia, with a five-color, five pointed star on their helmets and kepis.

An independent brigade called the Jing'an Guerilla Unit (Chinese: 靖安游擊隊; pinyin: Jìng'ān yóujīduì) was formed for use in covert and special operations during the Pacification of Manchukuo. It was effective in combat, having participated in the Ki Feng-lung District Subjugation in November 1932 and in anti-bandit operations. The ceremonial unit was part of the corps.

The Manchukuo Imperial Guards fought their last battles during the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and had ceased to exist at the conclusion of the Soviet–Japanese War.

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