2013 Malian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Mali on 24 November 2013.[1] President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta's party, Rally for Mali, won 66 of the 147 seats in the National Assembly, with its allies winning an additional 49 seats, giving it a substantial majority. The Union for the Republic and Democracy, led by Soumaïla Cissé, won 17 seats, becoming the Opposition.[2]

2013 Malian parliamentary election

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All 147 seats to the National Assembly
  First party Second party
  Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta par Claude Truong-Ngoc décembre 2013 (cropped).jpg Noimage.png
Leader Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta Younoussi Touré
Seats won 66 17
Seat change Increase55 Decrease17

President before election

Dioncounda Traoré

Elected President

Issaka Sidibé

The elections had originally been planned for 1 and 22 July 2012,[3] but were postponed after the Tuareg Rebellion and the March 2012 coup d'état. A second round of voting was held on 15 December 2013.[4]


Following French intervention in the country's separatist Azawad region, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that the elections should continue as scheduled and that the number of French forces in the country would be halved.[5] Interim Prime Minister Django Sissoko visited Gao in northern Mali for the first time since the French intervention and rebel takeover in April 2013. He announced that the elections would take place in July and the preparations were under way. However, unnamed analysts suggested botched elections could lead to further unrest.[6] It was later decided to hold the legislative elections a few months after the presidential polls.[7]


In July 2013, gunmen abducted two election officials a week before the presidential elections.[8] Two days before the second round of the parliamentary election, two Senegalese MINUSMA peacekeepers were killed in a bombing outside the Malian Solidarity Bank in Kidal.[9] On 15 December, the second round voter turnout was just 38.5%.[10]


Rally for Mali708,71629.3566+55
Union for the Republic and Democracy546,62822.6417–17
Alliance for Democracy in Mali277,51711.4916–35
Alternative Forces for Renewal and Emergence881,61336.516New
Convergence for the Development of Mali5New
African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence5+1
National Congress for Democratic Initiative4–3
Party for National Rebirth3–1
Party for Economic Development and Solidarity3New
Patriotic Movement for Renewal3–5
Alliance for Solidarity in Mali3New
Democratic Alliance for Peace2New
Social Democratic Convention2New
Movement for the Independence, Renaissance, and Integration of Africa20
Malian Union for the African Democratic Rally2+1
Change Party1New
Union for Democracy and Development1–2
Party for the Restoration of Malian Values1New
Union of Patriots for Renewal1New
Action Convergence for the People0
African Convergence for Renewal0
African Front for Mobilisation and Alternation0
African Movement for Democracy and Integration0
African Social Democratic Party0
Alliance for Mali0
Alliance for the Promotion and Development of Mali0
Alliance of Convinced Nationalists for Development0
Alternative Bloc for African Renewal0
Alternation Bloc for Renewal, Integration, and African Cooperation0
Bolen Mali Deme Ton0
Citizens' Party for Revival0
Dambe Mali Alliance0
Democratic Action for Change and Alternation in Mali0
Democratic Consultation0
Ecologist Party of Mali0
Future and Development in Mali0
Liberal Democratic Party0
Luminary Party for Africa0
Malian Rally for Labour0
Movement for a Common Destiny0
Movement for Democracy and Development0
Movement of Patriots for Social Justice0
Movement of the Free, United and Combined Populations0
National Alliance for Construction0
National Convention for African Solidarity0
National Union for Renewal0
Party for Civic and Patriotic Action0
Party for Development and Social0
Party for Education, Culture, Health and Agriculture0
Party for Independence, Democracy and Solidarity0
Party for Solidarity and Progress0
Party for the Difference in Mali0
Party of Democratic Renewal and Labour0
Rally for Change0
Rally for Democracy and Progress0
Rally for Development and Solidarity0
Rally for Education about Sustainable Development0
Rally for Justice and Progress0
Rally for Labour Democracy0
Rally for Social Justice0
Rally for the Development of Mali0
Rally of the Republicans0
Sikikafo Oyedamouyé0
Social Democratic Party0
Socialist Party0
Socialist and Democratic Party0
Synergy for a New Mali0
Union for a People's Movement for Reform0
Union for Democracy and Alternation0
Union for Peace and Democracy0
Union for the Development of Mali0
Union of Democratic Forces0
Union of Patriots for the Republic0
Union of the Movements and Alliances for Mali0
Valid votes2,414,47495.23
Invalid/blank votes121,0414.77
Total votes2,535,515100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,564,02638.63
Source: Ministry of the Interior[permanent dead link], IPU, Adam Carr, Abamako

In the second round, out of 5,951,838 registered voters, 2,221,283 cast a vote - with 2,122,449 being valid - totalling a 37.32% turnout, according to the Constitutional Court[11]


Issaka Sidibé, an RPM Deputy, was elected as President of the National Assembly on 22 January 2014. He received 115 votes, a large majority; 11 deputies voted instead for Oumar Mariko, while 20 deputies cast blank votes and one deputy cast a spoiled vote.[12]


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