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Mailchimp (formerly capitalized as MailChimp until 2018[6]) is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. The platform is a trading name of its operator, Rocket Science Group, an American company founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong[7] with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date.[8][9] Mailchimp began as a paid service and added a freemium option in 2009. Within a year its user base had grown from 85,000 to 450,000.[10] By June 2014, it was sending over 10 billion emails per month on behalf of its users.[11] In 2017, the company was gaining 14,000 new customers every day. The company is still owned by its cofounders and has never accepted venture capital funds.[2]

IndustryEmail marketing
Founded2001; 18 years ago (2001)
FoundersBen Chestnut
Mark Armstrong
Dan Kurzius
HeadquartersPonce City Market, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.[1]
Key people
Ben Chestnut (CEO)
ProductsEmail marketing
  • Increase $525 million (2017)[2]
  • Increase$400 million (2016)[3]
Number of employees
ParentThe Rocket Science Group LLC.[5]

In 2016, Mailchimp was ranked No. 7 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list.[12] In February 2017, the company was named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2017.[3] In August 2017, It was reported that, Mailchimp would be opening offices in Brooklyn and in Oakland, California.[13]

Marketing campaignsEdit

As a podcast advertiser, Mailchimp also sponsored the launch of Serial, a podcast exploring a murder case over multiple episodes. During the series parodies of Serial have targeted several of the show's aspects, including the podcast's sponsor (especially the meme "MailKimp").[14][15]

Mandrill controversyEdit

In February 2016, Mailchimp announced it was merging Mandrill transactional email service into Mailchimp as an add-on feature, and gave customers 60 days notice to switch to the new pricing structure or find an alternative service platform.[16] The announcement was met with widespread criticism and customer outrage due to the new pricing structure requiring a paid Mailchimp plan before being able to purchase Mandrill credits, resulting in customers paying for two products in order to access Mandrill.[17]

Previously, customers were able to purchase Mandrill credits for sending emails without signing up on Mailchimp. The credits were originally priced at $9.95 for 25,000 emails but increased to $20 for the same number of emails under the new pricing scheme. In addition to needing to purchase Mandrill credits, customers now need to be on a paid Mailchimp monthly plan (the minimum monthly plan being $10 a month), even if the customer has no need for Mailchimp services and only wants access to Mandrill. Mandrill was renamed as Mailchimp Transactional.[18]


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