Maher (given name)

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For the variant Arabic given name and surname, see Mahir.

Maher (Arabic: ماهر‎) is an Arabic given name meaning "skillful" or "talented" or "expert." In Arabic context, it is pronounced "Maa-her."

Notable people with the name include:

Given nameEdit

  • Maher Abd al-Rashid, Iraqi Army General during the Saddam Hussein rule
  • Maher al-Assad, Syrian general and commander of the Republican Guard
  • Maher Arar, Syrian-Canadian telecommunications engineer whose legal case involved compensation for "extraordinary rendition" practiced against him
  • Maher Bouallegue, Tunisian Paralympian athlete
  • Maher Charif, Palestinian Marxist historian
  • Maher Jamal, Syrian politician
  • Maher Sabra (born 1992), Lebanese footballer
  • Maher Sabry, Egyptian theater director, playwright, film director, producer and screenwriter, poet, writer
  • Maher Zain, Arab-Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin