Louisiana Community Colleges Athletic Conference

The Louisiana Community Colleges Athletic Conference (LCCAC) is a member conference of the National Junior College Athletic Association. It, along with the MACJC, are members of Region XXIII.

Louisiana Community Colleges Athletic Conference (LCCAC)
Established 1971
Members 5
Sports fielded 18 (10 men's, 8 women's)
Country United States
Region Midwest
States 1 - Louisiana
Headquarters New Orleans, Louisiana

The conference was once known as the MISS-LOU Junior College Conference, up until its name change in early 2019.

The members of the LCCAC do not have football programs whereas the members of the MACJC do.

The LCCAC is a junior college conference for many technical and community colleges. Conference championships are held in most sports and individuals can be named to All-Conference and All-Academic teams. At one time, Meridian Community College in Meridian, Mississippi was a member of the LCCAC, however MCC left the conference in 2002 for the MACJC in order to cut travel expenses.


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