Louis Phélypeaux, seigneur de La Vrillière

For other people of the same name, see Louis Phélypeaux. For other members of the family, see Phélypeaux.

Louis Phélypeaux (1598–1681), seigneur de La Vrillière, marquis de Châteauneuf and Tanlay (1678), comte de Saint-Florentin, was a French politician.

He was the son of Raymond Phélypeaux (†1629), seigneur d'Herbault et de La Vrillière. He was made a Minister of State in 1621, and he was Secretary of State for Protestant Affairs from 1629 to 1681. He was also Provost and Master of Ceremonies of the Ordre du Saint-Esprit from 1643 to 1653.

He was the father of Balthazar Phélypeaux (1638–1700) and grandfather of Louis Phélypeaux (1672–1725).

He died in 1681, and is buried in a baroque tomb in the church of Saint Martial of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire.