List of soldierflies and allies of Great Britain

The following is a list of the larger Brachycera recorded in Britain, this includes the soldierflies and their allies.[1]

Family XylophagidaeEdit

Family AthericidaeEdit

Family RhagionidaeEdit

Family TabanidaeEdit

Subfamily ChrysopsinaeEdit

Subfamily TabaninaeEdit

Family XylomyidaeEdit

Family StratiomyidaeEdit

Subfamily BeridinaeEdit

Subfamily ClitellariinaeEdit

Subfamily NemotelinaeEdit

Subfamily PachygastrinaeEdit

Subfamily SarginaeEdit

Subfamily StratiomyinaeEdit

Tribe OxyceriniEdit

Tribe StratiomyiniEdit

Family AcroceridaeEdit

Family BombyliidaeEdit

Subfamily BombyliinaeEdit

Subfamily ExoprosopinaeEdit

Subfamily PhthiriinaeEdit

Family TherevidaeEdit

Family ScenopinidaeEdit

Family AsilidaeEdit

Subfamily AsilinaeEdit

Subfamily DasypogoninaeEdit

Subfamily LaphriinaeEdit

Subfamily LeptogastrinaeEdit

Subfamily StenopogoninaeEdit


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