List of schools in Savaiʻi

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This is a list of schools in Savai'i island, Samoa.[1]

Map of Savai'i schools, 2009

Education in Samoa is compulsory for children aged 5-years to 14-years or until the completion of Year 8. It consists mainly of public schools administered by the government and villages. There are 9 secondary schools and 48 primary schools in Savai'i.[1]

  • Primary education - Year 1 - 8 (8-years)
  • Secondary education - Year 9 - 13 (5-years)

Secondary schoolsEdit

Secondary schools and colleges on Savai'i island listed by the Samoa government's Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture.[1]

School Locality/Village School District District Years Gender Type
Amoa College Saipipi Fa'asaleleaga No. 2 school district Fa'asaleleaga 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Mata'aevave College Iva Fa'asaleleaga No. 1 school district Fa'asaleleaga 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Alofi o Taoa Secondary School near Safune Itu-o-Tane No. 2 school district Gaga'ifomauga 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Itu Asau College Asau Itu Asau school district Vaisigano 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Savai'i Sisifo College Savai'i Sisifo school district Satupa'itea 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Palauli Sisifo College Salailua Savai'i Sisifo school district Palauli 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Palauli College Palauli School district Palauli 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Itu o Tane Secondary School Avao Itu o Tane No. 1 school district Gaga'emauga 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school
Vaipouli College Matautu Itu o Tane No. 1 school district Gaga'emauga 9 - 13 Coeducational Public school

Primary schoolsEdit

There are 48 primary schools in Savai'i located in different school districts around the island.[1]

School District School Locality/Village
Itu Asau No. 1 Asau Primary School Asau
Auala Primary School Auala
Papa/Sataua Primary School Papa Uta/Sataua
Sataua/Fagasa Primary School Sataua/Fagasa
Vaisala Primary School Vaisala
Itu Asau No. 2 Falealupo Primary School Falealupo
Falelima Primary School Falelima
Neiafu Primary School Neiafu
Tufutafoe Primary School Tufutafoe
Savai'i Sisifo Fai'a'ai Primary School Fai'a'ai
Gagaemalae Primary School
Sagone Primary School Sagone
Salailua Primary School Salailua
Samata-i-Tai Primary School Samata-i-Tai
Samata-i-Uta Primary School Samata-i-Uta
Taga Primary School Taga
Fogasavai'i Primary School Fogasavai'i
Palauli Gataivai Primary School Gataivai
Gautavai Primary School Gautavai
Palauli Primary School Palauli
Puleia Primary School Puleia
Satupaitea Primary School Satupa'itea
Sili Primary School Sili
Tafua Primary School Tafua
Fa'asaleleaga No. 1 Iva Primary School Iva
Lalomalava Primary School Lalomalava
Safotulafai Primary School Safotulafai
Salelavalu Primary School Salelavalu
Salelologa Primary School Salelologa
Sapapali'i Primary School Sapapali'i
Fa'asaleleaga No. 2 Asaga Primary School Asaga
Faga Primary School Faga
Lano Primary School Lano
Pu'apu'a Primary School Pu'apu'a
Sa'asa'ai Primary School Sa'asa'ai
Saipipi Primary School Saipipi
Itu o Tane No. 1 Laumoli Primary School
Patamea Primary School Patamea
Saleaula Primary School Saleaula
Samalae'ulu Primary School Samalae'ulu
Tutaga Primary School Fagamalo
Itu o Tane No. 2 Aopo Primary School Aopo
Letui Primary School Letui
Paia Primary School Paia
Safotu Primary School Safotu
Safune Primary School Safune
Samauga Primary School Samauga
Sasina Primary School Sasina

School calendarEdit


School Terms Dates Duration
Term 1 1 February - 15 May (15 weeks)
Term 2 7 June - 3 September (13 weeks)
Term 3 20 September - 10 December (12 weeks)

2010 School holidaysEdit

  • 15 May - 6 June
  • 4–19 September
  • 11 December - 30 January

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