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List of radio stations in Bandung, Indonesia

This is a list of FM & AM radio stations in Bandung, Indonesia, and their frequencies:

Radio Station Freq
ZORA RADIO "Enjoy The Beat" [1] FM 90.10 MHz
Antassalam FM 103.80 MHz
Ardan FM [2] FM 105.90 MHz
Cakra FM [3] FM 90.5 MHz
Chevy FM FM 103.40 MHz
Dahlia FM 101.55 MHz
Delta FM 94.40 MHz
Dios AM 1170 kHz
Garuda FM 105.40 MHz
GMR FM 104.30 MHz
Hard Rock FM [4] FM 87.70 MHz
K-LITE FM [5] FM 107.10 MHz
KENCANA FM [6] FM 96.70 MHz
Jan Radio Bandung FM 99.00 MHz
KLCBS [7] FM 100.40 MHz
Kharisma AM 828 kHz
Lita FM 90.80 MHz
Maestro [8] FM 92.50 MHz
Mara FM 106.70 MHz
美声广播电台 / 美聲廣播電台(měishēng guǎngbō diàntái) FM 92.10 MHz
MGT [9] FM 101.10 MHz
MQ FM FM 102.65 MHz
Mustikafm [10] FM 107.5 MHz
Mutiara AM 1314 kHz
Ninetyniners [11] FM 100 MHz
Prambors[12] FM 98.40 MHz
Pro 2FM FM 95.90
OZ [13] FM 103.10 MHz
Urban Radio FM 106.30 MHz
Raka FM FM 98.8 MHz
Rama FM 104.60 MHz
Rase FM [14] FM 102.3 MHz
Sangkuriang AM 1458 kHz
SE Radio FM 88.20 MHz
Urban Radio [15] FM 106.3 MHz
New Shinta FM FM 97.10 MHz
Sindo Trijaya FM FM 91.30 MHz
Sonora FM 93.30 MHz
Paramuda FM 93.90 FM RRI Pro 1 Bandung FM 97.60  MHz
RRI Pro 2 Bandung FM 96.00  MHz

Television MediaEdit

Bandung has several local daily newspapers, including Pikiran Rakyat, Galamedia and Tribun Jabar. Several national and local television stations operate in Bandung, including Trans 7, Trans TV, NET., tvOne, RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar, ANTV, MNCTV, GTV, Metro TV, RTV Bandung (a Rajawali Televisi Network), Kompas TV Jawa Barat (a Kompas TV Network), and TVRI. Many radio stations broadcast from Bandung, INTV Bandung (a INTV Network). Cable TV is widely available by several service providers serving wide range of international channels such as CNN, BBC, Fox (channel), MTV, CNBC, Bloomberg, CGTN, NHK, SBS, CNA and many more. Bandung was featured in the 9th and 10th leg of the American reality series The Amazing Race 23.