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Bayonne, New Jersey was incorporated on April 1, 1861 as a township. It was reincorporated on March 10, 1869 as a city. It is currently governed within the Faulkner Act, formally known as the Optional Municipal Charter Law, under the Mayor-Council system of municipal government (Plan C), implemented based on the recommendations of a Charter Study Commission as of July 1, 1962,[1] before which it was governed by a Board of Commissioners under the Walsh Act. The governing body consists of a mayor and a five-member city council, of which two seats are elected at-large and three from wards.[2][3] This is a list of mayors of Bayonne, New Jersey.[4][5]


Term Mayor Notes
1869–1879 Henry Meigs, Jr. Henry Meigs, Jr. was the first mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey. He took office on March 10, 1869.
1879–1883 Stephen Knowlton Lane
1883–1887 David W. Oliver
1887–1891 John Newman
1891–1895 William C. Farr
1895–1904 Egbert Seymour
1904–1906 Thomas Brady
1906–1910 Pierre Prosper Garven This was his first term.
1910–1912 John J. Cain
1912–1914 Matthew T. Cronin
1914–1915 Bert J. Daly This is his first term. Dr. Bert J. Daly served three non-consecutive terms from 1914–1915, 1927–1931 and 1943–1947.
1915–1919 Pierre Prosper Garven This was his second term.
1919–1923 W. Homer Axford He was the director of public affairs on the Bayonne, New Jersey City Commission in 1930. He was head of the X-ray department of the Jersey City Hospital in 1930.[6][7]
1923–1927 Robert J. Talbot
1927–1931 Bert J. Daly This is his second term.
1931–1939 Lucius F. Donohue
1939–1943 James J. Donovan
1943–1947 Bert J. Daly This is his third term.
1947–1951 Charles A. Heiser
1951–1955 Edward F. Clark
1955–1959 G. Thomas DiDomenico
1959–1962 Alfred V. Brady
1962–1974 Francis G. Fitzpatrick
1974–1990 Dennis P. Collins Dennis P. Collins is the longest-serving mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey, serving from 1974 to 1990. He served for 16 years.
1990–1994 Richard A. Rutkowski
1994–1998 Leonard P. Kiczek
1998–2007 Joseph Doria
2007–2008 Terrance Malloy
2008–2014 Mark Smith
2014– James Davis James Davis is the current mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey.[8]


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