List of foreign football players in Uzbekistan

This is a list of foreign football players who played in the Uzbekistan Super League and Uzbekistan Pro League in the 2020 season. The following players have been born outside Uzbekistan and have not been capped for the Uzbek national team at any level. From season 2020, four per squad is the limit on foreign players, one from Asia and three from the rest of the world.

In bold: players who have played at least one Super League game in the (2020) season, and were still at a club for which they played. This does not include players of a Super League club who did not play a Super League game in the 2020 season.

Details correct as of 24 August 2020
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Armenia ArmeniaEdit

Australia AustraliaEdit

David Carney, First Australian player.
Rostyn Griffiths Pakhtakor.
Steven Lustica.

Azerbaijan AzerbaijanEdit

Belarus BelarusEdit

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

Brazil BrazilEdit

Bulgaria BulgariaEdit

Burkina Faso Burkina FasoEdit

Cape Verde Cape VerdeEdit

Cameroon CameroonEdit

Canada CanadaEdit

Chile ChileEdit

Croatia CroatiaEdit

Estonia EstoniaEdit

Finland FinlandEdit

France FranceEdit

Gabon GabonEdit

Georgia (country) GeorgiaEdit

Germany GermanyEdit

Ghana GhanaEdit

Guinea-Bissau Guinea-BissauEdit

Hungary HungaryEdit

Iraq IraqEdit

Israel IsraelEdit

Italy ItalyEdit

Ivory Coast Ivory CoastEdit

Japan JapanEdit

Kazakhstan KazakhstanEdit

Kyrgyzstan KyrgyzstanEdit

Latvia LatviaEdit

Lithuania LithuaniaEdit

North Macedonia MacedoniaEdit

Malaysia MalaysiaEdit

Moldova MoldovaEdit

Montenegro MontenegroEdit

Namibia NamibiaEdit

Nicaragua NicaraguaEdit

Nigeria NigeriaEdit

Norway NorwayEdit

Poland PolandEdit

Romania RomaniaEdit

Russia RussiaEdit

Serbia SerbiaEdit

Slovakia SlovakiaEdit

Slovenia SloveniaEdit

Spain SpainEdit

South Korea South KoreaEdit

Eswatini SwazilandEdit

Switzerland SwitzerlandEdit

Ukraine UkraineEdit

United States United StatesEdit

Tajikistan TajikistanEdit

Tunisia TunisiaEdit

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and TobagoEdit

Turkmenistan TurkmenistanEdit


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    Born in Brasil
  3. ^
    Born in Burkina Faso
  4. ^
    Born in Cameroon
  5. ^
    Born in England
  6. ^
    Born in Ghana
  7. ^
    Born in Ivory Coast
  8. ^
    Born in Libya
  9. ^
    Born in Montenegro
  10. ^
    Born in Niger
  11. ^
    Born in Russia
  12. ^
    Born in Serbia
  13. ^
    Born in Slovenia
  14. ^
    Born in Tajikistan
  15. ^
    Born in Uzbekistan
  16. ^
  17. ^

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