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List of baseball parks in Milwaukee

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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, presented in chronological order.

(1) West End Grounds
Occupants: Milwaukee West Ends – independent (1876) – League Alliance (1877)
Location: Wells Avenue, near city limits
(2) Milwaukee Base-Ball Grounds
Occupants: Milwaukee Brewers or Grays – National League (1878)
Location: West Clybourn, North 10th, North 11th
Currently: Underneath the Marquette Interchange of the freeway system
(3) Wright Street Grounds
Milwaukee Brewers a.k.a. "Cream City" – Northwestern League (1884) – joined Union Association (1884 part) – Western League (1885) – Northwestern League (1886–1887)
Neutral site for Chicago White Stockings – NL – vs. Buffalo and vs. Providence, one game apiece in Sept 1885.
Location: West Clarke, North 11th, North 12th, West Wright streets
(4) Athletic Park
Milwaukee Creams or BrewersWestern League (1888–1894)
Milwaukee BrewersAmerican Association (1891 last half)
Location: same as Borchert Field (see below)
(5) Lloyd Street Grounds
Milwaukee BrewersWestern League (1895–1900) became American League (1901) (club moved to St. Louis 1902)
Milwaukee Creams – Western League (1902–1903)
Location: West Lloyd Street (south, home plate); houses and businesses, and West North Avenue (north, center field); North 16th Street (east, right field/first base); houses and North 18th Street (west, left field/third base)
(6) Borchert Field (previously Athletic Park and Brewer Field)
Milwaukee BrewersAmerican Association (1902–1952)
Milwaukee BearsNegro National League (1923)
Milwaukee ChicksAll-American Girls Professional Baseball League (1944)
Location: North 7th Street (first base, east); North 8th Street (third base, west); Chambers Street (home plate, south); Burleigh Street (north, center field)
(7) Milwaukee County Stadium
Milwaukee BravesNational League (1953–1965)
Chicago White SoxAmerican League (some games during 1968–1969)
Milwaukee BrewersAmerican League (1970–1997); moved to National League (1998–2000)
Location: 201 S. 46th St – Southwest of the intersection of Interstate 94 (I-94), U.S. Highway 41 (US 41), and Wisconsin Highway 341 (WIS 341).
Currently: Structure razed in 2001, infield remains as Little League Baseball park Helfaer Field
(8) Miller Park
Occupant: Milwaukee Brewers – National League (2001–present)
Location: 1 Brewers Way – Next to County Stadium site – Southwest of the intersection of I-94, US 41, and Miller Park Way (WIS 341).

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