List of Las Vegas landmarks

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This is an incomplete list of landmarks located in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Name Image Year Comments References
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign Welcome to fabulous las vegas sign.jpg 1959 The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign" located in the median at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South, is Las Vegas Strip Landmark. It was commissioned in May 1959 and erected soon after by Western Neon. The sign was designed by Betty Willis at the request of Ted Rogich, a local salesman who sold it to Clark County, Nevada.
Vegas Vic Modern vegas vic souvenirs.JPG 1951 Vegas Vic is the unofficial name for a neon sign resembling a cowboy that was erected on the exterior of The Pioneer Club in Las Vegas in 1951. The sign can still be found at 25 E Fremont Street at the same place since 1951 on the outside of what used to be The Pioneer Club but is currently a souvenir shop owned by Schiff Enterprises.
Hoover Dam HooverDamFrontWater.jpg 1935 Hoover Dam, originally known as Boulder Dam, is a dam located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River between the border of Arizona and Nevada. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936, and was dedicated on September 30, 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt.
Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas 63.jpg The Las Vegas Strip is a 4.2-mile (6.8 km) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Clark County, Nevada. Many of the largest hotel, casino and resort properties in the world are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Nineteen of the world's 25 largest hotels by room count are on the Strip, with a total of over 67,000 rooms.
Downtown Las Vegas Downtown Las Vegas is the central business district of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is where the majority of the city's high-rise buildings are located and is the center for downtown gaming.
Fremont Street Experience FremontStExperience LasVegas.JPG 1995 Fremont Street Experience (FSE) is a pedestrian mall and attraction in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The FSE occupies the westernmost 5 blocks of Fremont Street, including the area known for years as "Glitter Gulch", and portions of some other adjacent streets.
Bellagio Fountains Bellagio fountain show 2010 las vegas.JPG 1998 The Bellagio Fountains hotel and casino is a vast, choreographed water feature with performances set to light and music located at the front of Bellagio Hotel and Casino.