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List of Japanese Residents-General of Korea

This is a list of Japanese Residents-General of Korea when it was a protectorate of Japanese rule.

Itō Hirobumi was the first resident-general. There were three residents-general in total. After the annexation of Korea to Japan, the last resident-general, Terauchi Masatake became the first governor-general.

All names on the list follow Eastern convention (family name followed by given name).

Color key (for political parties)


A# I# Portrait Name Took office Left office Political party Monarchs served
Rōmaji Kanji
1 1   Itō Hirobumi 伊藤 博文 21 December 1905 14 June 1909 None Meiji
2 2   Sone Arasuke 曾禰 荒助 14 June 1909 30 May 1910 None
3 3   Terauchi Masatake 寺内 正毅 30 May 1910 1 October 1910 None

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