List of Japanese Governors-General of Korea

This is a list of Japanese Governors-General of Korea under Japanese rule.

Terauchi Masatake was the first governor-general. Terauchi was the third and the last resident-general. Upon the annexation of Korea to Japan, he became the governor-general.

There were ten governors-general, while eight individuals served in this position. Saitō Makoto and Ugaki Kazushige both served two nonconsecutive terms as governor-general. Saitō was the third and the sixth governor-general, and Ugaki was the fourth and seventh governor-general. Thus, Minami Jirō, Koiso Kuniaki, and Abe Nobuyuki were respectively the eight, ninth, and tenth governors-general, but they were respectively the sixth, seventh, and eight individuals to serve as governors-general.

All names on the list follow Eastern convention (family name followed by given name).

Color key (for political parties)


I# Portrait Name Took office Left office Political party Monarchs served
Rōmaji Kanji
1   Terauchi Masatake 寺内 正毅 1 October 1910 9 October 1916 None Meiji


2   Hasegawa Yoshimichi 長谷川 好道 9 October 1916 12 August 1919 None
3   Saitō Makoto
(1st term)
斎藤 実 12 August 1919 14 April 1927 None
4   Ugaki Kazushige
(1st term)
宇垣 一成 14 April 1927 10 December 1927 None  


5   Yamanashi Hanzō 山梨 半造 10 December 1927 17 August 1929 None
(3)   Saitō Makoto
(2nd term)
斎藤 実 17 August 1929 17 June 1931 None
(4)   Ugaki Kazushige
(2nd term)
宇垣 一成 17 June 1931 5 August 1936 None
6   Minami Jirō 南 次郎 5 August 1936 15 June 1942 None
7   Koiso Kuniaki 小磯 國昭 15 June 1942 12 July 1944 None
8   Abe Nobuyuki 阿部 信行 12 July 1944 12 September 1945 None

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